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3 Popular Home Décor Styles to Redefine Your Abode

December 30, 2016

As the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is,” a home defines the personality and interests of the person living in it, in the most subtle ways. Hence, choosing a theme is just like showing your guests a reflection of yourself.

So are you looking to change your home décor and style it in a certain theme? Search no more, as we are here to explain you the 3 most popular home décor styles to redefine your abode.



1. Modern – Modern designs come from the modern age. Sleek designs and minimalism is what modern décor is all about. Geometric shapes, clean lines and smooth curves is what gives your home a modern touch. The color coordination in modern interior décor can be monochrome as well as other color schemes. The interior décor and furniture in a modern set up will mostly consist of various materials including hardwood, plastic and medium density fibre board (MDF).


A modern home décor set up is perfect to make your home look spacious and chic.



2. Traditional – Reflecting the diversity of different cultures, traditional décor of various countries and regions differs from one another. Traditional décor includes elements which describe your traditions without uttering a single word. But one thing common in every traditional décor is the rich touch on each décor element. Colors, styles of furniture and even the drapery speaks royally in every sense.


A traditionally decorated home can be an insight of your roots. The furniture and décor items should speak the same.



3. Contemporary – Many of us get confused while talking about contemporary décor. But both of them are completely different. Contemporary home decor, as the name suggests is all about upcoming ideas mixed with the traditional ones. Hence, contemporary décor is all about casual spaces, with neutral colors and elements inspired by nature.


Room decorated in contemporary style, breathes nature in soft tones and casual arrangements.

While talking about three popular decors, modern, traditional, and contemporary top the list. Not only because of their popularity but also because how much these styles compliments homes. For more ideas and inspirations, visit www.littledecorthings.com



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