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How to Use the Sherwin William Color of the Year Poised Taupe to Style Your Home

January 22, 2017

2017 is a year to make your home as stylish as ever. When the internet is on the rounds with updated fashion and home decor trends, Little Decor Things is here to give you some style tips to update your home with the Sherwin Williams color of the year 2017, which is Poised Taupe! Well, this color can also be called as the baby of gray and brown! Funny, isn’t it? But yes, though the color is a blend of brown and gray it is the ultimate shade to include in your home. Not only because it is the color of the year but also because the shade will look great with all decor styles. Let me now explain you how to use this gorgeous color of the year Poised Taupe in your home!




Living room: This stylish color is an amazing pick for your living room. If you really want to update your home with the latest trends, color the walls of your living room in this shade. And match the rest of the décor with it. If you don’t want the complete living room to be in Poised Taupe, choose one wall for this shade and paint others in white or off-white for a truly chic appeal. A styling tip; you can either keep this wall solitary with only one painting hung over it or even use some nice wall decorative to add more style to your living room!




Kitchen: A beautiful kitchen motivates you to cook delicious food! This is what at least I believe in! The Sherwin William color of the year 2017 Poised Taupe is also a nice choice for the kitchen. A stylish shade for the entire kitchen, poised taupe can be blended with whites, browns, copper and rose gold to create a trendy appeal. Try adding some metallic accent colors like silver or copper in the kitchen with metallic lamps and sconces and make your kitchen look exciting with this new shade.




Bedroom: Don’t you want your bedroom to be updated with the style trends? Everyone loves to make their bedrooms as gorgeous as possible. So, start with the color. Color the walls of your bedroom in poised taupe and paint either one wall or all the walls in this fantastic shade. And don’t forget to blend other decor items with the shades that look great with this color. Also, it is important to work on right lighting to avoid your room to look dark. This should be taken care of when styling every room.


Sherwin Williams color of the year 2017 poised taupe has earthy undertones that add warmth to the decor. While completely styling your home, take care of the lighting, setting, furniture and drapery. Avoid using deeper shades for the curtains and fabrics on the furniture as this might make the room look darker. Use lighter shades and a little shine and glitter to the decor by using metallic decor items like lamps, vases or some pieces of furniture like side table, vanity etc. in copper or rose gold. This is how you can revamp your home with this new color and upgrade its style quotient!


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