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How to Decorate Your Home in the Spirit of SUMMER!

February 22, 2017

Winter is almost gone and here we cheer for SUMMER! This season brings in so much with the nature. Be it sunny mornings, ice-creams, or the blooming flowers, we love everything about this season. Summer is also a fun season and styling your home for this particular is a must to up the spirit of celebration!




Take out all the bright draperies you have been hiding all the year round. Be it for your furniture or for the table cloths. Bright colors add a very lively appeal to the decor, and is the best choice for making this warm months of the year full of life and excitement. Vibrant colors suit best with a little neutral shades otherwise everything is not necessarily nice! Drapes and curtains in neutral shades like cream, peach, light yellow, light blue, white and pink blend beautifully with a vibrant decor. You can use some nice colorful cushion and sham covers to add a pop to a room!




The first thing that hits my mind on the word ‘summer’ is fresh flowers! Make the warm weather cool with fresh flowers. If you cannot buy fresh flowers every day, use faux flowers or floral print to set the mood and freshen up the decor. Flowers do add a cooling effect in the room, try it yourself this summer!




Do you love beaches? If yes then give your home a temporary coastal makeover which you can rearrange when summer is gone! Buy a refurbished anchor and hang it over a wall to make a decor piece. Not only an anchor, you can select a set of decorative star fishes, roped objects like a lamp shade or ottoman. When transforming your home into a coastal abode keep away the bright colors and use cool blue and nude shades – just like the sand, sea and the sky!




Summer is also another word for holidays! Make the summer holidays more exciting by doing DIY summer projects with your friends or family. Why am I suggesting you should do these projects with someone is because doing projects likes these with someone actually brings you closer to them! (Well, this is what I believe in!) Enjoy it!




Give your home a dose of fresh air by keeping some potted plants on the window pane for a more airy and nature lit feel! If your decor does not have place for plants on windows, treat your windows with some fresh flower curtains. Just make a few strings of your favorite flowers and hang it on the windows instead of the conventional curtains.


                 CURTAIN CONSCIOUS                


Light fabrics like cotton works best for curtains for summers. Cotton curtains are breathable and light. Choose light solid colored curtains or the printed ones for a more stylish appeal. You can also add floral strings instead of the traditional curtains for a summer party.


After using all these ideas to decorate your home in the spirit of summer, make the most of this holiday season to make new memories with your loved ones. Decorate your home together and enjoy this summer amidst your stylishly decorated home with popsicles, fresh juices and lots of ice-creams!






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