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My Picks from Urban Ladder – Unbiased, genuine views!

March 29, 2017

My love for decor items and furniture also makes me an explorer of different variety and designs of furniture available on the online stores. While searching for some beautiful furniture pieces online I came across India’s famous Urban Ladder (a curated online furniture seller based in Bangalore, India), where I found 3 gorgeous pieces which I think would look beautiful in any contemporarily styled home. In this blog I would like to talk about my picks from Urban Ladder, which I think are also the trendiest pieces of furniture any decor enthusiast should include in their home!


Hamilton Nested Stools

Urban Ladder

Simple and finely crafted Hamilton Nested Stools are those multi-functional furniture pieces every home should have. You never know when a few guests might arrive and you could be out of sitting space in the living room. This is the time when the nesting stools can be your rescue angel! Made from hardwood Sheesham, these stackable stools are highly durable. And the simple sleek design of this versatile furniture pieces makes it blend easily with any home decor theme.


Missouri Tripod Spotlight

 Urban Ladder 

A stylish Missouri Tripod Spotlight is a uniquely styled contemporary lighting you can add in a trendy home setting. I personally love the style and rustic accents on this gorgeous spotlight. Add it in your living room, bedroom or even in a rustic office to instantly add a touch of creativity to the complete decor. The towering beauty is made from durable mix of wood, metal & leather. Another feature I like about this spotlight is its adjustable height! If you love to make your home look chic and are searching for the right lighting, I guess this would be a nice choice!


Rhodes Folding Book Shelf

 Urban Ladder

For all the bookworms out there, this bookshelf can take place in your study or bedroom quite beautifully. Rhodes Folding Bookshelf has a neat design that blends well with most decor themes. The easy to assemble bookshelf can also be folded when not in use. This gorgeous piece of furniture is an epitome of beauty when all decked up with your favorite books. To make it look more beautiful, you can also stack up a few knickknacks on each shelf. The bookshelf with five spacious shelves is made from high-grade Sheesham wood for durability!


Though the furniture and home decor collection of Urban Ladder is extensive, these are the three cute additions anyone can think of including in their homes. Each of the furniture is finely crafted with durable material and trendy designs, and can instantly make your home look more stylish & creative. To know more about home interiors & styling, keep reading my upcoming blog posts.


P.S. – This is not a promotional or paid post. Views expressed here are solely of the writer’s.


























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