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5 Furniture Pieces That Show How Beauty & Functionality Align Perfectly

April 5, 2017

Furniture is regarded as those objects we place in our homes to make organizing easier. And for some it becomes very difficult as to which furniture should they bring home to make the space look beautiful as well as functional! This thought arrives mostly when your furniture is doing only their basic job and keeping your home look like an ordinary one. To create a distinctive touch in your home try adding furniture that are great for dual purposes. For example, furniture pieces like the ones mentioned below are example of how beauty aligns with functionality in the most perfect way!


A Work Space In Cupboard!


The work space in this picture is perfect for small homes, where you don’t have extra space to create a home office. Looking classy in wood, the wardrobe has a foldable table and shelves to create your home office in the most fashionable manner. This beautiful natural finish wardrobe with adjustable work table can be your perfect space saving idea for conveniently working or studying at home.


Holding Plates In Style


As beautiful as it looks, this wooden plate rack with space for tea cups as well, is a great addition for your kitchen or dining room. Occupying little space on the wall, this multi-functional furniture piece is a stylish comeback of the older classic plate rack. The gorgeous furniture piece also has space on the top which you can decorate the way you like – making a throne for a beautiful showpiece or your favorite crockery?!


Save Space Occupy Hidden Place 


A foot-board bench with no storage is like a showpiece! It is always good to have furniture that not only sits beautifully in your home but also has utility. So to create a multi-functional appeal in your bedroom you can add something like the one showed in the image above. This foot-board bench with storage drawers can be your ultimate pick when buying a useful piece of furniture for your bedroom. Keep your bed sheets, napkins, cushion covers & towels organized in it and you will not need an extra cupboard for organizing them. Furniture like these save visual space while utilizing hidden space. 


Bath Organizing Beauty


This bathroom stand has space to keep your bathroom essentials organized on display! Why not keep the towels rolled neatly with potted plants and toiletries, when a rack is as chic as this?! 


L - A - U - N - D - R - Y


This is a space saving laundry room idea that is not only functional but also looks stylish. Select one side of the room you desire to put your laundry area into and dedicate it for everything L-A-U-N-D-R-Y! From washing machine, dryer, laundry basket and towels and detergents to the tubs and large washing basin. This idea is best to keep everything in limited space. The shelves you see in the image works well to keep all your laundry essentials beautifully organized.


Furniture that add more value to their functionality are the best as they also create a distinctive touch in every home. With these ideas, you can also create an adorable space in your home by just adding a few multi-functional furniture pieces.



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