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4 Ways to Decorate Your Toddler’s Room

April 24, 2017

If you have been the one searching on how to decorate your toddler’s room and didn’t find something which please your eyes as well as the child’s, then you are at the right place.


A child’s room should speak his/her age, which means as the child grow so should his or her room’s decor. In this blog you will see four styles of room decor for toddlers – the sweetest people in the world! The growing age of toddlers is what makes them more charming – their non-stop questions, curiosity and those adorable eyes clueless about everything! Hence, thinking about the age of your child, for whom you are decorating the room should be the first thing you should consider.


A Whimsy Affair



Toddlers get instantly attracted towards whimsical elements like the rabbit painting or an object that they love, which can also be a glow sign wall art with their name! For them it’s fascinating and surprises them more every time they look at it. You can go for a simpler look, just like the above toddler’s room, which is classy & neat. The neutral color scheme makes it perfect for both, girls and boys. 


For the Boho Baby



This toddler’s room is perfect for all the moms who love Boho! Many new mothers decorate their baby’s room according to their likes and dislikes, but one should also think of what should you choose to make that room perfect for your young child. The colors in this Bohemian inspired toddler’s bedroom are soothing and complement the chic decorative wall hangings perfectly. A soft rug on the floor just like the one in this room makes it more comforting and warm. You can also find a similar pattern for a rug at Safavieh. The unique floor bed with house structure can also be a pretty tea party area for your kiddo, just throw a big blanket over it and make it their cute little house! You can see that the colors used in this bedroom are pastels, peach and grey, which are ideal for selection when going for a Boho makeover for your child’s bedroom.


Chic for the chicks (kids) ;)




With a modern twist, this toddler’s bedroom in neutral tones definitely has something to say. The pop of colors like grays, blues, pinks and gold yellow is something that makes this room attractive. Choose a large rug and place it beneath the crib to add that classy touch to your baby’s room. If you’re planning to use a few colors together like the picture, choose colors wisely!


Clean & Peaceful​



They say, a clean room makes you feel peaceful. But when it comes to toddlers, these babies are always on a mission to do something new. So this room design is the best for children and of course their mommies who do not like to see toys cluttered all over. The clean design, especially the wall adorned with cute painting frames is something that makes up the mood. You can choose this idea for a classic baby’s room where you can set a rug on the floor, paintings on the wall, and place a crib beautifully. Classic & chic!   


These are just a few décor ideas for your kid’s room that can make your toddlers bedroom look as stylish as yours. You can also frame beautiful pictures or kid’s arts on the wall to add that childish feel. And remember, if you’re buying new furniture or drapery for your child’s room only choose products that are built to last and is child safe.





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