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The Geometric Wall Fad & How to Use it in Your Homes

May 15, 2017

Walls can be plain or stylish, it all depends on how you want it to look like. But when there are so much style trends going on the social media, why not update your home with something trendy yet subtle. I believe that while considering any home decor trend one should not overdo it and completely change your home into something else. Instead changes in a subtle way is always welcomed, as you can also later understand if the new decor element is fitting well with the complete interiors of your home, or if later you would need to remove it as it doesn’t come out as good as you thought! So in this blog let us learn how to decorate your homes with the six beautiful geometric wall patterns and keep style in check!



This abstract geometric wall is a gorgeous pattern to add on the headboard wall to instantly spice up your home decor. You can see how the colours in the picture are used – blending perfectly with the decor. And hence, the colour selection should be done wisely, as you don’t want to make your home look just opposite and shabbily done! It is recommended to get a self-employed painter and show him the picture for guidance.  



We can have a look at The Boo and the Boy blog and how the blogger decorates her kid’s room with this pleasant geometric pattern which is adorned with a whimsical touch. You can try out this design in the room of your children or else with a hint of some other elements or a painting, you can also do something like this to your bedroom wall corner. The idea of choosing the bedroom corner wall is to add a style statement to your room while still keeping the entire décor charm together!



Amber Interiors’ graphic geometric multicoloured wall is a jaw-dropping beauty. Perfect for foyer or the passage, this patterned wall gives a captivating lift to a simple décor. You can get this look done in your home perfectly by an experienced artist or self-employed painter.



Halfway down! This wall with a bright orange colours coming down in a geometric design is what adds freshness to the white walls. Though set up in a commercial space, you can also add something like to your home by suing the right colours – that match with your decor, and taking up the right wall in your home. 



As classic as it looks, navy blue with minimal gold is your way to decorating your abode gorgeously. This wall can be an accent/ display itself with clean lines in gold adorning the deep blue shade. Select one wall in a room where the decor blends well with the darkest blue hue and get the geometric designs professionally done to add a class to your room.



Simple thick stripes with multiple pastel shades mixed with metallic is a trendy way to update your decor with some cool colours and geometric patterns. The room in the picture above has soft tones and hence the light metallic stripe in the center adds more charm to this beauty! Easy to get done, you can either ask a professional or even an artist to do this beautiful wall on your bedroom headboard wall.


Not only these, there are so many geometric wall patterns available on the internet, but these are selected on the basis of beauty and trend. I personally love the first geometric pattern mentioned in this blog as it completes the look of the bedroom instantly and also adds a charm to the complete decor with the white lines and multi-geometric patterns. So are you thinking of adding a geometric touch to your homes, choose a wall!


Love the ideas or have any suggestions or pictures, do share in the comments! 


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