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How to Make Your Home Look Bigger & Better

May 28, 2017

This blog focuses on how you can make a compact home look bigger and better. So if you are struggling with the space in your home and want to make the best out of it and still create a gorgeous looking home that is well organized, you are at the right place. Let me help you today to make your cosy abode gorgeous and well maintained.


Make Space


Avoid cluttering furniture. Go for minimalism. It is necessary to understand what you need and what you don’t in terms of furniture pieces to make your room look clutter-free. So if you have some necessary items like the gaming console, baskets or any such necessities to keep - conceal it with cabinets and display beauties on shelves.


Trick Visually



You can make limited space look larger by this illusion trick. Fix some large mirrors in the rooms to make your home look bigger, add an expansive carpet to make your home look spacious and put on the curtain rods closer to the ceiling to make the room appear taller. These tricks can instantly make your room look larger and spacious.


Maintain the Style


You cannot make your room look and feel bigger without putting in the efforts of maintaining it. Keep the furniture dust-free with regular clean-up as only that can help to make your home look even much neat and airy. And the cleaner your home is the bigger and better it will look.


The Walls


Gradient painted walls where the bottom of the wall starts with the darkest shade and ends with the lightest shade at the ceiling will create an effect to make the ceiling look higher. Don’t use darker shades on the walls, as that may make the room look smaller, use lighter shades like nudes or pastels for a brighter look.


Placement of Furniture


If your home is a cosy compact abode, use as little furniture as you can on the floor! Instead wall mount a cabinet, style the walls with a few shelves, and use the ground space for seating and sleeping. The more floor space is empty the more spacious your home will look. You can also use stackable stools, and storage ottomans for a space saving addition.


These are a few tips and tricks to make your home look spacious even if your space is smaller. Organizing your home to make it look bigger is the best way to style compact spaces. Avoid unnecessary furniture and drapery that makes your home look untidy instead of stylish. With the organizing tips mentioned above, you can instantly make your home appear spacious and classy.



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