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How to Keep Your Home Dust Free

June 19, 2017


Dust cannot be ignored. Especially in houses where people are allergic to it. Dust mites cause allergies and hence everyone says to keep your home clean by dusting, moping, vacuuming etc. all these years we have been fighting a battle to clear off dusts completely from our homes, but to no avail, this can only be called a dream.


But in this blog, I will help you to keep your home dust free. The ideas and tactics mentioned below can help you to maintain the environment of your home and clean dust mites and other allergies causing bacteria away. While we all know it is impossible to get rid of dust completely, with regular cleaning we can surely avoid it.


Here is a step by step guide for all those want their homes to feel fresh and clean.


  1. Clean & Change Your Bedding Every Week


Dust mites love fabrics and hence dwell into pillow cases, sheets, and mattresses. Regular washing these bedding items every week and keeping them in an allergen proof cover can be of so much help to keep the dust mites away.


  2. Tidy Up the Carpets & Rugs


To avoid dusts to accumulate in your homes, always say ‘NO’ to carpets and rugs. These are the favorite hiding place of all dust mites. But if you still love rugs and carpets because of the rich look it adds to your decor, we have a solution for you. Vacuum rugs and carpets every day with a good quality double filter vacuum cleaner.


While dusting the carpets and rugs, always beat pillows and carpets outdoors. If you are allergic to dust mites, choose a vacuum cleaner with high-efficiency particulate air filter also called as HEPA filter, which does not allow dust to re-enter the air again.


  3. Cleaning Tip


When you start wiping off the shelves and cabinets, start from the highest and then come to the lowest – one near the floor. So you won’t miss the dust.  To clean dust in one go, use a damp cotton cloth or other fabric which is absorbent.


Apart from dusting you might also sometime need to purify the air, especially if you live in an area prone to dust like the main road. An air purifier comes very handy to keep the indoor atmosphere clean and pure, so you won’t breathe dust!



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