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Ways to Instantly Change the Look of Your Home

June 30, 2017


Every home has a different feel and a unique essence, just like every individual's personality. Our homes are a window to our choices as well, and many times they show what you are. Your choices or style sense can be figured out once someone steps into your home and hence keeping it according to your style is a must.

But sometimes you get bored of the usual look of your home. And this is the right time for a change. I always say, change is constant and cannot be avoided, and at times change is all you need. So for your home, a change in style can do a lot more than you will ever think. With this blog, I will help you to create a different look at your home.


1) Switch from your darling colours


Presently your home might be styled and decorated in your favourite colours, right?  Now is the time to change scheme a bit. We're not completely changing the colour scheme of your home so keep in mind; this will create an appealing look of your home. Start with curtains, upholstery and other drapery. If you are more of a traditional lady, you can mix and match your decor with something contemporary.

Here's what we will do,

•    Change the rugs into something modern or contemporary. Even if your home is not traditionally styled, you can select another popular decor themes which are trending in 2017 and start.

•    Completely change how the windows of your home look. Let fresh air enter your home. If you have always been a lover of royal curtains, this time go for sheer curtains.

•    Select throws and rugs from the variety available today. You can also style the floor in some unique ways.


2) Change the position of your furniture


It is important to modify the position/setting of your living room & bedroom furniture to create a unique appeal. Try changing the setting entirely or switch a set of chairs with a few ottomans for a distinctive touch.


3) Shuffle up


To create a unique feel in your home, you need to place things differently. Start with showpieces and other knickknacks. The usual vase which used to sit prettily on the shelf can now be a centerpiece!


These are just a few ways in which you can transform the look of your home. If you have any other ideas, share it in the comments below! :) Try changing the locations of the wall arts by mixing them up. You can also buy a few new bed sheets in a completely different tone and print, something which you have never tried before to create a home that looks a little different.  



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