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How to Create A Magical & Soothing Atmosphere in Your Baby's Room

July 18, 2017

Decorating and styling a child’s room can be challenging. Especially when your child is below the age of five. At that age, the décor and style of the room speaks more about the choices of the mother rather than the baby themselves. Babies under five years do not have a specific choice according to which you can style their rooms and that’s why here is a blog that can help you to decorate your child’s room in a beautiful way. This blog will help you to create a magical and soothing atmosphere in your baby’s room with the ideas mentioned below –




When we talk about the lighting in your baby’s room, it should never be flashy. Soothing lights like fairy lights and lamps work amazingly in nurseries. Soft ambient lighting like overhead fixtures look beautiful to create a pleasing overall glow. And if you have added some beautiful paintings or wall arts for your baby, you can also add a few accent recessed lighting that enhances its beauty.


Be careful while selecting the lighting and how you keep them put. Safety measures to keep the lighting fixtures away from your toddlers should be in mind while fixing them. For example, rather than going with metal lamps, choose wood lamps. Also, choose recessed lighting over lamps and wall fixtures to avoid watching how balls and paper planes hit the lighting fixtures.


Color Palette

 The Land of Nod

While selecting the colours for your baby’s nursery or toddler’s room selecting a colour palate would be the best option. Rather than going for only one colour, choose three to four colours that blend well and create a nice effect in the room. Lighter shades like sky blue, lime, cream or you can even go for some nice pastels for a soothing appeal.




If it is a nursery than avoid keeping a lot of small toys around and opt for bigger teddies and dolls. You can also add a nice crib toy if you are baby sleeps in a crib – this is particularly for babies under the age of two. For children older than two years you can add the toys of their choice the way they like to keep it. You should be aware of the year limit when buying toys for your younger ones. Keep them away from anything that is small and you know they might put it in their mouth!














Be it a cot for your baby or a nice and comfy bed for your toddler, furniture in your child’s room should create a peaceful appeal. While selecting the finish on furniture, go for baby-friendly material and non-toxic paints or varnishes. To create a magical effect in the room go for a solid white color for the bed or cot and decorate it with neon-lit stickers of moons and stars.












These are just a few ways to make your baby’s room a peaceful abode for them to rest play and learn. How do you style and decorate your child’s room to make it magical? Let me know in the comments below.












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