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Here's why & how you should re - innovate your home every three years!

December 7, 2017

 Picture courtesy - One Kindesign


There are two types of homes, one, which gets decorated and decked up during every festival and second, that stays the same 365 days of the year. 


Same decor and interiors do not add any element to your home. In fact, it creates a boring appeal to not only the ones who visit your home, but also for those who live in there. It is hence very important to change the look of your personal space not every day or every year but in every 3 years. This gap gives enough time for you to get cozy in the room's decor and then go for a change to experiment. 


In this blog, I will speak about how you can spend less while renovating/ refreshing your home. The expenses here will not exceed and burn a hole in your pocket. So here is how you can easily renovate your home - 


1) Changing the carpets and rugs

Rugs, carpets or anything on the floor creates a classic look of your home for the visitors to look. So if you have always liked your living room, bedroom or hallway in a particular rug or carpet, change it. Yes, you read it right. In order to add a different appeal to your home, add a different colour, pattern, type or shape of the carpet/rug.


Tip - The one you are removing now can also be washed or dry cleaned and styled in another area of your home.   


2) Choosing another wall for Fame and love 

If you have a wall of fame or the favourite wall which is adorned with your lovable antiques, choose another and leave this one simple and classy. This will make your home look fresh and stylish.  


Tip - You can select a wall which could be in the hallway or foyer of your home. So the visitors can have a glance of your pictures when they enter your abode! 


3) Repositioning the sofa and seating area

If you have always kept the living room sofa placed in the center, try replacing it and styling it near the window or in a different direction all together. Well, but if this doesn't work for you due to obstacles like positioning of the TV or other such reasons,try re-arranging the seating area and use a different coloured sofa cover for a different appeal. 


Tip - Use color combos instead of going for a set of sofa and chair covers for a distinctive look. 


4) Selecting another picture for the backdrop of your bed

Do you like your family picture always hanging above the headboard of your bed? Its time for a change! Get a painting or wall art and replace the picture to a different wall. This will add the needful freshness to your personal space.


Tip - If you don't want to spend more on the wall painting go for a wall decal! 


Renovating homes will require you to have a bigger budget, while the above mentioned ideas will make re-innovation of your abode economical and also require less efforts. The only few things you will need to think about will be the colour combinations you're experimenting with, decor mix and matches and space management. If you have any queries, or would like a blog on any of the above topics, do write on madiha@littledecorthings.com!  



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