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Beginner's Guide to Styling Rugs and Carpets in Your Home!

March 21, 2018

If you have always been in a dilemma of what to choose between rugs and carpets for your home, this blog will sure be of help. While I understand that there are also some people who do not understand the difference between a rug and a carpet, they find it all the more difficult to style homes with them.


This blog is here to help resolve all those notions behind adding a rug and carpet in your home. 


But first, 


What is the difference between a Rug and a Carpet? 


We know that both are floor coverings; but are differently named only because they are two separate things! You cannot call a rug a carpet neither can you go otherwise. So here is the difference. 


Rugs - A rug is a floor covering that is used to highlight a certain area of the room. You will never find large rugs that will completely cover the floor in any room. 


Carpets - Unlike rugs, carpets are usually chosen to cover the entire floor of a certain room. They are meant to be that way! 


Lulu & Georgia Adana Rug


Where rugs are woven from wool and other such organic or synthetic material, carpets are available from wool to nylon materials. 


This information for now will give you an idea on choosing rugs and carpets for your home! 


In India, many people who live in studio apartments go for nylon carpets that cover the floor tiling completely. If you are one of those people, anywhere around the world, you can use this idea but with the LDT (Little Decor Things) twist ;) . Use area rugs on the carpeted floor to create a stylish appeal. For colours, go for the ones that blend in completely. Just like how the Lulu & Georgia Adana Rug is blending in with the natural carpet! 


If it is difficult for you to choose harmonious colours, always make a list of colours your theme reflects. Even if your home is not decorated in a theme make a list. Now select the most attractive and catchy colour of your decor, and now for the rug, choose the lightest shade of this one! It is that simple.  


For now, that's all you need to do. Do check out my next blog, next time for more home styling tips on rugs and carpets! 


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