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Step by Step Guide to Revamp Your Studio Apartment

April 27, 2018

Are you moving into a new studio apartment and want to design the space in a chic - contemporary style, yet spend less and make your home cosy? If you are mumbling yes, you've come to the right place. 



Today, you will learn the art of managing space in a studio apartment, with the help of this blog. So here you go! 


Make Space for Living(room)



Living in a studio apartment kind of keeps you deprived of spacious ambiences. And owning your very own living room looks like a luxury. But with these tips, you can create your own little living room in a studio apartment. 


Go for a room divider. A beautifully designed contemporary room divider works amazingly well to divide your one room into two. Below are a few links to the bests dividers available in US here, and India here and here


Make your living room cosy with the right furniture. You know you don't need a lot of furniture when there's no space to keep them. Add a foldable sofa that converts into a bed. And a cosy bean bag for your comfortable binge watching time or or book reading. A similar version of the one in the picture can be found here for India, and here for US. 


Mount the TV on the wall and go for a TV console that is also fixed on the wall, so that you don't occupy a lot of floor space. 


Add shelves to a corner and extend it to the adjacent wall to organize your books, picture frames and more. Here are a few shelving ideas you can use. 


Add a rug, a big one or else two to add that classy appeal in your little living area! Use a lamp that is hung from the wall to create a stylish appeal and also save space. 


Nesting stools work best for having a space saving table with multiple seating options. You can shop for a nicely designed set here


Keep Bed(room) Spacious


I understand how difficult it is to adjust furniture in a studio apartment. To make it easy, go the minimalist way. If you live alone, opt for a single bed, whereas  if you live with a partner, friend or a sibling, choose a double bed with storage space inside to avoid the bedding and mattress clutter. Also, as you can select a foldable sofa for a living room, it also creates space for either one or two persons to sleep. 


You can choose one wall and keep a double door cupboard completely organized with everything you need in it. Do not even for a single day take out clothes from your wardrobe and keep it there lying. Avoid the mess. 


If you have created the bedroom space where the window is situated, go for light material curtains. 




You need to understand that a kitchen in a studio apartment is either a wall or a corner. Now depending on the size of your home, you can dedicate space to your kitchen. 


For kitchen furniture go for sleek patterns, easy to clean and spacious cabinets and shelves. Here are a few options for modular kitchen that will be a perfect fit for compact spaces. 



The Bath 


A tiny bathroom can also be styled beautifully with the right sanitary ware and ceramics. These ideas are definitely help you to design your small bathroom in a classy way!


These are a few ways to revamp or renovate your studio apartment. And to show some love, do subscribe to my blog. And for more details and to feature your brand on my blog, do write to me at madiha@littledecorthings.com. 


Picture courtesy - Pinterest, Lushome, and Best Bathroom!



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