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Styling Rugs Part II: Know What You Buy!

May 18, 2018

Rugs are an important decor element to consider when styling a home. Not only do rugs add a functional touch to your home interiors but also create a stylish appeal in your home. Offering an exceptional grounding for furniture and anti-slip surface, rugs offer exceptional functionality to spaces. There are multiple things you need to keep in mind before you go ahead with buying new rugs for your home.


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Here are a few things you must know before you buy a rug - 


The Right Size


It is important to know the size of the rug that will fit in the desired space. And you can only understand this when you measure your room's dimensions. Start with first understanding the need of the rug. Know the style aesthetics you're trying to achieve and also the functional appeal of it. Another thing to consider is which furniture pieces will be rested on the rug and how will they be positioned. Sketch it in your mind or even paper if you need!


Living Room


In a living room, you can place a rug under the seating area, the sofa set, couch or a sofa sectional. Decide the size of the rug by first deciding if you want all the legs of the seating on the rug or only the first two. For living room rugs, the usual sizes chosen are 5x8, 8x10, or 9x12 feet.



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You deserve a soft surface to walk on and to land your feet every morning when you step out of the bed; and a rug in your bedroom is just a perfect addition for that comfort. Your bedroom can be stylishly designed by adding rugs in the following ways: runner rugs on both the sides of the bed, a large rug that can be placed under the bed - this should be large enough to cover the night stands and still leave a couple of inches on the sides left. You can select a rug according to the size of your room. 




Depending on the shape and size of your foyer, you can choose a rug that fits perfectly and serves the purpose too! A large round, square or rectangle rug looks best in the foyer. Align this rug in the center of the foyer and choose colour, texture, print and material that compliments your welcome mat for a more blended feel!


Dining Room/Table


Placing a rug under your dining table is very necessary as it does not only make it look classy but also serves a functional purpose. No matter how big your dining table is, always choose a rug that is bigger than the table and covers all four legs of the chairs. Pulling the chairs multiple times in a day may lead to scratches on the floor and hence having a rug beneath is a must. 


Material = Functionality 


A rug's material is an important thing to consider as that will also determine its functionality. So let us check out the materials of rugs available in the market and which one would be the best for you! 


Natural Fiber Rugs


These rugs are made from jute, sisal, and bamboo. An eco-friendly option for people who want lasting durable products. A natural fibre rug also has benefits like blending in with most decor themes and styles. The Sisal and bamboo rugs are smoother and can be perfect for dry rooms. The only disadvantage of natural fibre rugs is that they are difficult to clean and maintain! 


Cotton Rugs 


The versatility of cotton rugs makes them best for most homes. These rugs require low-maintenance and are easy to clean, which makes them favourite among many people! Perfect for places with moderate footfall, these rugs are machine washable and very easy to maintain. 


Woolen Rugs

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An affordable fibre majorly used in rug construction, wool is durable, soft and naturally stain resistant. These are also available in different styles and design to match your interiors and home decor. Wool has natural heat retention and insulation properties, and rug made from wool are much cosier and warm. But though wool rugs shed, looping a fibre rug helps in maintaining its durability and lowering the shedding. Woolen rugs are one of the favourites amongst rug lovers. 


Synthetic Rugs

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Our Indian "chatayis" are the perfect examples of synthetic rugs. These are super stain resistant, easy to clean and washable too! Made from synthetic fibers like polypropylene, these rugs are great for indoor as well as outdoor use. 


The size and material of rugs are two important factors determining the purchase and selection of rugs for homes. To know more about styling rugs in your homes, do check out my blog on the Beginner's Guide to Buying Rugs here!


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