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Apis Cera! Hand-made Beeswax Candles from France

August 17, 2018

If you love candles, you will definitely love Apis Cera!


Apis Cera is a Latin word that means beeswax, and Apis Cera is all about beeswax candles in many beautiful forms. The mind behind this gorgeous and sustainable brand of candles is Charles, who created the brand in Paris and is now based in Provence, France. 



As I got an opportunity to ask Charles a few questions, I came to know so many things about the candles that left me amazed. Read the interview below - 


I - How old is your brand Apis Cera?

Charles - I created Apis Cera in 2012 in Paris, France.



I - What was the inspiration behind making beeswax candles and soaps?

Charles - I always adored bees and honey. Beeswax is also an incredible material, its natural, pure and can be used for many many things. Im my first customer. I started making candles for myself and my friends. (did you know you could eat beeswax, its a food additive « E901 » - check on the back of candy packages :-) )




I - Are you a beekeeper?

Charles - I’m not a beekeeper yet, but have many beekeeper friends, and I am planning to start having hives in 2019. Cannot wait!!



I - Loved the hand-rolled candle sticks, I have seen something like that for the first time, how did you come up with that idea? 

Charles - The hand rolled candles is a traditional candle here in France. The wax used, beeswax of course, 100%pure, is typically used inside the hive to help bees starting their honeycombs. It’s a lovely and clever way to use the beeswax foundations.


I - Where are you based? 

Charles - I am in Provence, south of France :-)



I - It takes so much to create a one-man army, how do you manage when you get bulk orders?

Charles - I work, work, work.. Especially in advance. For examples, now in Summer, orders are not as high as in Winter, so I prepare a good stock. But yes working alone is not easy, and hopefully one day I’ll have someone to help me!



I - Are these candles scented or natural? 

Charles - The candles Ambroise and Lucienne are 100% only pure beeswax, so no color, no scent, no nothing. Faustine, my latest candle which is amber scented, is mostly beeswax and a little of soy wax because 100% beeswax doesnt not aloud a perfume to emanate from the candle. But this candle is 100% organic and handmade too.



I - The most unique thing about beeswax soaps and candles. Please share. 

Charles - The most unique thing is handwork. The bees make most of the work of course by producing the wax little by little, but then I work also little by little crafting the soaps and the candles. The quality of the material is such a blessing to work with. I love my work, I feel I connect with Nature.



I - Please tell us something about yourself. Didn't find anything on the website too!  

Charles - I’m half french half dutch, 34 yrs old and passionate about design, technology and Nature. I love to mix my passions with my brand. I’m inspired by looking at the beauty in Nature.


If you are amazed by the looks of these candles and soaps, do check them out. Apis Cera would be available for worldwide shipping too, go check their website now!


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