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Balcony Garden Ideas for a Studio Apartment

September 29, 2018

If you're lucky enough to have a small balcony in your studio apartment and wish to make it look magical, you've stumbled upon the right place! Today, I am going to share with you top ideas for styling your balcony into a garden. Or, should I say, creating a balcony garden. So here we go,


A Tiny Garden with Pop

Picture courtesy - Pinterest

A pop of colours can add an instant charm to even the smallest of balconies. Especially when you live in a studio apartment, keeping your tiny balcony well styled becomes a little difficult. The above picture is of a small white balcony with vibrant pink accentuating the decor. You can achieve this tiny garden with seating with the help of some hanging planters with small plants and a small couch with a bright coloured cushion for comfort. 

The Ladder Garden

Picture courtesy - Pinterest

If you do not have a lot of space for a balcony, a ladder garden will work best for you. Buy a new or refurbished iron ladder from a local store or an online store and deck it up with your favourite floral, fruit or herb plants. You can also add a little magic to this set up by decorating the sides of the ladder with some fairly lights that can be lit in the evenings to create an amazingly peaceful ambience. 


Rustic Balcony Garden 

Picture courtesy - Apartment Therapy

This picture by Apartment Therapy is of a balcony under the "Work with What you've Got Balcony" category. With subtle wooden hues, the balcony garden is a perfect mix of small and big plants placed roughly for a natural appeal. If you're planning to create such a look please make sure that you balcony colours match with the furniture you're planning to keep in. And as you see the theme here is "work with what you've got", the idea is to work with everything you already have or have bought on cheap at a yard sale or local market! Plants can be all of your choice.  

Fairy-lit Dreamy Balcony

Picture courtesy - The Deco Journal

There is nothing much in the picture that makes this balcony garden exquisite, except the star lantern and the fairy lights on the plants. That is all you need for creating a tiny fairy garden in your balcony. You already have plants, grab a chair or two (according to the space) or even a swing if you want, a small table, and light it up in twinkling fairy lights. 


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