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Top Pet Friendly Decor Ideas for your Home

October 19, 2018

If you're looking to avoid the mess pets create in your home and add some pet-friendly decor, you are at the right place! This blog post is for you, keep reading to know the top pet-friendly decor ideas to use in your home! 


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1) Flooring


It is important to keep your home floor in check all the time when you have a pet. Be it dogs or cats, both tend to scratch floors while playing and during  those mood swings. So instead of going for wooden floor choose ceramic tiles  or other sturdier flooring options available near you. No one wants to or can afford to get their flooring repaired very often.


2) No expensive rugs


There is no point of buying expensive rugs when you know your pet might spoil it in days! Go for rugs without any tassels or loose strings. There are stronger materials available, like synthetic rugs, jute rugs and other natural fiber rugs which provides warmth in your home plus adds a stylish touch. And yes, they're also pet friendly! It's a win-win :) 


3) Decor Placement


Place your decorative items on high shelves or tables depending on the size and activity cycle of your pet. If you love small and delicate decorative pieces and but can't keep then around in fear of damage caused by your pets, fix some wall shelves out of reach of your pet. 


4) Protect the Door 


Everyone who owns a dog knows how much they love to scratch on one door. You can use the half and half idea to replace the lower bottom of your door with a durable and scratch resistant option. 


5) Furniture Covers 


Pets love to sit on the sofa and chair and sometimes don't mind digging in their nails in it. Though we all love our pets a lot, replacing the furniture cover every now and then isn't very pocket friendly. There are various furniture cover options available online and in stores where you can choose scratch resistant fabrics in beautiful prints for a beautiful look and durability.

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