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Indoor Plants That Grow Well With Least Sunlight

January 8, 2019

Hey guys! A very happy new year and so sorry for not keeping up with the blog since last month! 


Planning to start with a window garden right now, and I have just got a tiny mint plant for which I am really excited!


Today's blog post is helpful for those who want indoor plants that require less sunlight yet grow beautifully.


So here is list of plants that will flourish in your home - 


Snake Plant

 Picture courtesy - Urban Plantscapes

This is a low-maintenance plant for anyone who likes to keep some greens in the living room or bedroom. The long leaves add quite a nice touch to the decor and its ability to grow in least sunlight makes it a very popular choice. 


Peacock Plant

 Picture courtesy - Turbo Squid

With a beautiful foliage, this plant is perfect to add aesthetics to your indoor decor. A little demanding, this plants needs to be watered frequently and also requires to be placed in 13 degree Celsius temperature. 


Creeping Fig


 Picture courtesy - Balcony Garden Web

The slow growing creeper has small green foliage. The plant grows well in minimal sunlight and looks beautiful in any decor theme. 


Maidenhair Fern

Picture courtesy - Apartment Therapy 

Perfect for a serene and lush addition for your home, the Maidenhair Fern is a beauty you would love to keep in your living room or passage area. 



Picture courtesy - Balcony Garden Web 

I love Philodendron for their ability to strive in low light spaces. If you have spacious units and shelves, you can get a Philodendron to deck your space up. 


Peace Lily

Picture courtesy - Hub Pages

Are you someone who can forget to water plants? Get a Peace Lily for your home and you're sorted! This houseplant is easy to grow and also cleans up the air. Double bonus!  


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