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Organic Decor Choices You Can Make for a Cleaner & Eco-Friendly Home

August 5, 2019

I have been watching a lot of influencers on social media trying to walk the natural route and try and include more clean products and accessories that doesn't harm our mother nature while adding more quality to our lives. Though I was very happy seeing this, I was also a little stunned on how difficult it has become for us to choose more eco-friendly products to decorate our homes and match our lifestyle choices. But rather than not trying, it is always great to at least give it a shot! There are a few organic products that can help you adapt and grow your love for natural and clean home decor while decking up your home guilt-free!


Organic Home Fragrances

A Nod to Navy

One of the most frequently bought products to add a nice fragrance to your homes and create a warm welcoming ambience is home fragrances. And instead of buying artificially scented air sprays, you can go for a organic choice, which is organic scented candles that are either made with soy or beeswax. Other options available are organic mists that are usually made with water, essential oils, and herbs. Organic fragrances come with many rewards; it is safer for everyone at home, and also adds a luxury factor to your home setting.


Organic Cotton

Eileen Fisher

Choosing organic cotton for bed sheets, pillowcases, and other drapery and fabrics for your home makes a good choice rather than using polyester or other such regular options. Organic cotton is a better choice when it comes to selecting a cleaner lifestyle that adds more quality to your well being. It is softer, rich, and looks luxuriously chic too. 



Swoon Worthy

Instead of using plastic, use glass! I understand how difficult it can be to deal with glass but today we have a lot of options in glass products. Borosilicate glass is a durable option and also is quite heat adsorbing. You can not only use glass vases and jars to style your home, but also use glass for regular storage of food and decorative purposes.


Clay and Terracotta 

Holistic Habitat

Vases, trays, and even serveware made of clay and terracotta are better options to not only make sure your home looks classy and stylish but also is an organic product to add in your collection and everyday use.  


Jute and Rattan

Jute and Rattan are another good options for including in your home. Both are natural fibers and have so many products made from them. Be it chairs, or shelves, these days you find a variety of jute and rattan products everywhere. Rugs, runners, baskets, storage boxes with lids and even outdoor furniture; you've got a lot to choose from!


These few changes in our lifestyles can be a great way to start something that adds quality to our day-to-day being while also making us take small steps in saving the environment. All of the products mentioned in the blog are durable, and recyclable - making it perfect for starters. You can find similar products online as well. Below are a few options from where you can buy these - 


Organic Home Fragrances - Neal's Yards Remedies


Organic Cotton - Amouve


Clay and Terracotta - Ellementry & VarEesha


Glass - Borosil


Jute & Rattan - Amazon

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